La Baye des Anges

This is where the whole story began… I have always collected vintage fabrics, love the touch and the embroidery, as well as the idea they where once worked on by hopeful (or bored?) little hands… They are used to dress the house as well as the numerous outdoor living areas of the property. I first started to dye monogramed linen with industrial dyes, but discovered Couleur Garance, an organisation that has revived traditional dying with plants, and works hard at transmitting the knowledge. After an intense week long course I started creating, and with the encouragement of friends and family I am happy to now offer some products for sale.

La Baye des anges is available as a holiday rent and is visible here:

La Baye des Anges, entrance


La Baye des Anges, partio


La Baye des Anges, summer shed


La Baye des Anges, reception


La Baye des Anges, reception. Mei Line indigo bathrobe



La Baye des Anges, studio