La Baye des Anges

La Baye des Ange is a vintner’s farm turned family home, in Vaison-la-Romaine, Provence. This is where the whole story began: I have always collected vintage fabrics, love the touch, the embroidery, as well as the idea they were once worked on by hopeful (or desperate?) hands…

Some of those vintage fabrics are used to dress the house as well as the numerous outdoor living areas of the property. I first started to dye monogramed linen with industrial dyes, but discovered Couleur Garance, an organisation created by Michel Garcia, that has revived traditional dying with plants, and works hard at transmitting the knowledge. After an intensive course I started creating my own pattern and colours.

I then took various advanced course to perfection my technique and open a whole range of opportunities: with Kuno Hiroaki I learned about traditional shibori techniques from Arimatsu and with Paul Jackson, about shiborigami.

Another life changing experience was an advance training in Tokushima, Japan, with the Buaisou team. I learned about Aidate (indigo vat creation using Sukumo, the traditional Japanese technique of Indigo dye), but also about various pattern creation techniques, and most importantly, the secret of fixing Indigo dyes to make them colourfast.

Armed with training and personal experience, as well as with the encouragement of friends eager to  purchase my production, I am happy to now offer my creations for sale.

Below, some views of la Baye des Anges, which offers the perfect background for my creations. The property is available as a holiday home rental here:

IIndigo shibori table runner

Bathrobe logwood dyed

La Baye des Anges