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A workshop with Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson is a rockstar of the design world. Along with his wife he teaches origami techniques and their link to geometry from kindergarten to design students and has written several reference books on folding and pleated techniques.

He presents himself as a paper artist, paper engineer, writer and teacher. We where very lucky to have him come and enlighten us about the technique as well as the math behind them, in a workshop at Couleur Garance, organised by the newly created LEAF Luberon

Paul was so pleased with the association of Shibori and Origami, that he decided to give it a name: Shiborigami

The concepts:

The dying:

Some maths….

Some folding

Paul happy with the works at end of the week-end:

Some of my creations over the week-end

Makes a pretty cool wallpaper for my studio… the Summer lady seems to agree 😉

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