Cinema chairs

Early XXth century cinema chairs, cast iron and hard wood plywood.

Bought in Santiago, Chile, they are a survivance from a cinema located in a now ghost town of north Chile. Those towns used to exist off the saltpetre trade, where British companies ran huge operations. Towns where built, big enough to have bars, theatres, and even operas. Railways where built too. The bigger towns linked to this trade, like Taltal, used to figure in world maps. Taltal is still very much alive and striving, and still has this frontier town feeling, but many other smaller towns disappeared from one day to the other when the trade stoped. It is a moving sight to drive through one of those ghost towns, especially the cementers, with their beautiful wood crosses with British names on them, so far from home..

On a lighter note, those chairs are very handy to have it the entrance hall, as in this picture, it makes taking shoes off that much more comfortable!

Height x length x depth for a set of 2 chairs: 85 x 110 x 60. Please note they need to be fixed into the floor for stability.

Price for 4 seats: 400 €

We have 8 seats in stock, so combinations of 2, 3, 4 or more are available, please enquire.

Please also enquire for shipping costs.


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