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Block printing

Block printing is a technique to create patterns by stamping shapes cut out of wooden blocks. The blocks are previously imprégnation either with concentrated mordant, or with mild acid that erases the mordant pre-existing on the fabric. This creates either a positive or negative contrast once exposed to the pigment. It is a bit tricky because the print only reveals itself much later in the process, after the dye has been applied.

Block printing:

The mordant is dried prints before dying

Negative block print: the pattern appears lighter than the mordant

After the pre-dye

Finished fabric:

for the printed bathrobes, every piece of the garment is printed to fit the final product, and every pattern is applied one by one….

Once assembled:

Cochineal dyed bathrobe

Block printed fabric Mei Line

Block printed fabric Mei Line

Some block printed creations

Block printed bathrobe Mei Line

Block printed fabrics Mei Line

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